November 14, 2021



Conception is the moment, biologically speaking, when a sperm cell (from a male) breaches the ovum, or egg (from a female) (pictured above).

This process is also known as fertilization, and is the initial stage of development for human growth.

What results is something called a zygote (pictured below). This is a one-celled biological entity. This is the first stage of development.

We all started as zygotes and progressed to embryo, then fetus, infant, toddler, child, pre-teen, teen, and adult. 

Zygote - Welcome to Truth definitions

If zygote is just the first step in reaching adulthood, we can ask the question, "Why is a zygote not as valuable as an adult?" in response to pro-abortion activists.

Some may try to say, "They are not fully developed." Neither is a child; they can't reproduce.

They may say, "They are dependent and would die without maternal support." So would an infant. They need to be breastfed by the mother, or at least artifically milk fed (formula) by another. 

Keep in mind that your DNA (your genetic identity) is created at conception. This means that you, as a zygote, are not your mother and you are not your father. You are a new human with your own DNA. 

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