Apologetics 101 Course

Top 5 Apologists in the World
Course Intro
Agnostic - Atheism Definitions
Section 2 Intro
Section 2 Definitions
Section 3 Definitions
Section 4 Intro - Morality
Section 4 Definitions
Objective vs Subjective Truth
Can Truth Be Known?
Is Mother Teresa Better Than Hitler?
No One's Wrong Till You Punch Them In the Face
Self-Refuting Statements
Don't Judge Me for Judging You
Evil in the World Proves God Exists
We Choose Hell
I Say Relativism
Society Says Relativism
Moral Relativist vs Someone with No Morality - Differences
Basic Abortion Argument
Section 5 Intro - The Big Bang
Section 5 Definitions
Kalam Cosmological Argument
Time Had to Be Created By a Timeless Being
Cosmic Background Radiation (Need Video)
Red Shift of Stars Points to Expanding Universe
Oscillating Model
Multiverse Theory
The Big Bang Needs a Big Banger
Either Universe is Eternal or What Created Universe is Eternal
Section 6 Intro - Darwinian Evolution
Section 6 Definitions
Microevolution vs Macroevolution
7 Basic Assumptions Accepted By Atheists By Faith
DNA Points to God
Irreducible Complexities
Where Are the Transitional Fossils?
The Cambrian Explosion Disproves Darwinian Evolution
The Oldest Cave Paintings
Miller-Urey Experiment
Haeckel's Drawings
Darwin's Tree of Life
The Archaeopteryx "Missing Link"
The Watchmaker Argument
Intro to Section 7 - Fine-Tuning
Section 7 Definitions
What is Fine-Tuning?
The Teleological Argument
Section 8 Intro - Different Religions
Section 8 Definitions
Here's What Those COEXIST Bumper Stickers Really Mean
Islam - Core Beliefs
Who Was Muhammad?
Muhammad's Tragic Past
Buddhism - Foundations
Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism
Islam - Doctrine of Abrogation
Are Buddhist Scriptures Reliable?
Cults - Mormonism
Mormons and Eternal Progression
Cults - Jehovah's Witnesses
Cults - Scientology
Section 9 Intro - Jesus As the Son of God
Section 9 Definitions
Jesus is Either Liar, Lord or Lunatic
Who is the Son of Man?
Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy As the Messiah
Section 10 Intro - Jesus' Death and Resurrection
What Did the Whip That Scourged Jesus Look Like?
The Mystery Behind the Blood and Water Pouring Out From Jesus' Side
Did Jesus Really Sweat Drops of Blood?
Resurrection Alternative - Hypnosis Theory
Resurrection Alternative - Swoon Theory
Resurrection Alternative - Disciples Stole the Body
Provide the Body and Christianity is Over
Section 11 Intro
The Gospel Writers
Early Church Fathers
Manuscript Evidence
Our Oldest Manuscripts
1 Corinthians 15
Gospel of Thomas
Section 12 Intro - Archaeology
Archaeology Supports the Bible - Part A
Archaeology Supports the Bible - Part B
Course Outro