About Us


    Welcome to Truth is dedicated to teaching the world, through board games, instructional videos, etc. the evidence that proves Christianity is true.  Welcome to Truth was created in 2018 by Jonathan and Elizabeth Krotov.

    Jonathan "Jük" Krotov and Elizabeth Krotov got married in 2014.  He is an A/C Contractor by trade, and a musical artist for Jesus by passion, with a degree in Journalism.  Jonathan has a music website at SoldiersOfHeaven.com, with released songs on ITunes, and has stations on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.  Elizabeth is an education major, and works the administration side of their A/C company.

    This is a far cry from Ph.Ds in Philosophy or Theology, but in 2017, they began attending an apologetics class at their church, taught by Dr. Joe Mulvihill and Pastor Chris Wheeler.

    After hearing the compelling evidence for the Gospel, they began to ask the question, "Why is this the first time I am hearing this?" and "How can we put all of this information into a single resource that people would have fun learning?"

    This birthed Welcome to Truth, their board game that they are believing God will use to change the world for Jesus!

    Their hope is that their Christian Apologetics board game, along with these short supplemental videos, their "Welcome to Truth" brochures, and their other promotional information will help bring people back into a deep and meaningful relationship with the living God.