John the Baptist

February 07, 2022

John the Baptist

John the Baptist was related to Jesus through their mothers (Jesus' mother Mary was related to John's mother Elizabeth), although it is not specifically described in scripture how closely they are related.

Many see Jesus as John's cousin, and this COULD be the case, but again, it is not explicitly stated in scripture. 

Gabriel is talking to Mary in Luke 1:36, tells us that Mary and Elizabeth are related.

Luke 1:36 - Jesus is related to John - Who is Jesus - Welcome to Truth
Jesus says John is the GREATEST among all those who have been born of women, and that he is the forerunner of the Messiah (Jesus), who was prophesied about in the Old Testament.  
Matthew 11:11 - John the Baptist - Welcome to Truth Matthew 11:14 - John the Baptist as Elijah - Welcome to Truth
This Old Testament scripture Jesus is referring to is from a couple places in the book of Malachi.
Malachi 3:1 - John the Baptist as Elijah - Welcome to Truth
Malachi 4:5 - John the Baptist as Elijah - Welcome to Truth

So again, here is Jesus referring to this relative of his as the Elijah who was prophesied hundreds of years earlier, who would prepare the way for the coming Messiah, which again is Jesus.

John was beheaded by Herod Antipas in Matthew 14:6-10.  For more information on the different Herods mentioned in the Gospels, check this out:

It was this John the Baptist who also baptized Jesus, right before Jesus enters into His public ministry (when Jesus was 30 years old).

Luke 3:23 - Jesus was 30 Years Old when he started preaching - Welcome to Truth
Matthew 3:16 - John Baptizes Jesus - Welcome to Truth

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