6 - Morality - Moral Relativism

December 20, 2020

6 - Morality - Moral Relativism

What is morality?  Morality is made up of what we should and should not do.  In this section, we will be going over why morality in our world is so important, and how it actually ends up giving concrete evidence that God exists.

Moral Relativism

In this section we will ALSO be talking about something called moral relativism, which is the belief that truth, knowledge, and morals all exist, and all are relative to particular cultures, particular, societies, or historical context.

So why should you know about moral relativists?  Because they are running rampant all over our college campuses, media outlets, etc.  Hey if it feels right to you, then it must be right, right?


Moral relativists believe that there is no absolute truth; that there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG.  Here is a video that illustrates how ridiculous that ends up being:


Moral Relativism - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics


Christians of course believe that there IS an absolute Creator, and that He DOES have absolute truth, which He has revealed to us through His Word.

Moral relativists would say that each society has its own truths, as well as each culture, and that truth can differ in different time periods.  They would say that no one truth is superior over another truth.


But if they believe no one is objectively right or wrong, then that means Hitler was just as good as Mother Teresa, and vice versa.

Here is a video which illustrates this point:


Mother Teresa vs Hitler - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics


There is a great book on understanding moral relativism and how to break it down, by Dr. Francis J. Beckwith and Gregory Koukl, called, "Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air".  Here is a quick video where I show the book:

Don't Judge Me - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics
In this next section, we will explain how LOVE is impossible without free will.