7 - Morality - Love Requires Free Will

December 20, 2020

7 - Morality - Love Requires Free Will

Love Requires Free Will

The other thing you must understand is that love actually requires free will.  Without free will for us to choose our own actions, (even if our actions are wrong) love would not exist.

Let me give you an example: If I tie my wife up in a room, in order to keep her from leaving me, would I ever really know that she truly loved me?

No I wouldn't because I would be forcing her to stay with me.  In the same way, God did not create robots, but free beings, who can choose to follow Him, or choose to disobey Him, but either choice is made by the person's own free will, as you will see in this quick video:


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Does God send people to hell?  Well, ironically, we actually choose hell, and God respects our decision.  I explain why in this quick 1-minute video:

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I Decide My Own Reality

This is called "I Say Morality", also known as individual ethical relativism, or ethical  subjectivism. This teaches that individual preferences offer the only guideline to behavior.  So what I think is right must be right, because it is my opinion.

The problem with this is when what I feel is right or wrong conflicts with what someone else feels is right or wrong.  I talk more about it in the quick video below:


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If I decide what is right and wrong, what's to separate me from someone with no morality?  Nothing.  We both do what we think is right to do at the time, without answering to any transcendent reality of right and wrong (like God).

Maybe Society Determines What's Right and Wrong

Well some might argue that society is the one who determines what is right and wrong. 

The problem with this argument can be clearly seen.

What about when your society is dead wrong (like slavery occurring in the U.S. in the past, or the horrific treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany).  If the law of the land also determines what is right and wrong, and slavery is the law of the land, then to try and reform it would not only be unlawful, but morally wrong.


This is why we need God to determine right and wrong.  Here is a short video that explains this concept:

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We will now switch gears to our SCIENCE section, as we introduce the concept of the Big Bang.