8 - Science - The Big Bang Points to God

December 20, 2020

8 - Science - The Big Bang Points to God

The Big Bang

So what is the Big Bang? 

Before I get into that, I just wanted to cover that there are either 1 of 2 possibilities for the universe: either the universe is eternal, or whatever or Whoever created the universe is eternal.  

Well the Big Bang basically proves that the universe itself had a beginning, which means it is not eternal, which leaves only one option left...Whoever created the universe is eternal...God.  Here is a quick video that goes over this concept:


Science Actually Proves that God Exists - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics


Now let's talk about the Big Bang.

The Big Bang describes the moment when matter, space, and even time itself were first created.  That's right, time...was...created.  Let that sink in for a second.

Now if time never existed, then whatever created time had to be timeless.  If space never existed, then whatever created space must have been spaceless.  And if matter never existed, then whatever created matter must have been immaterial.

Who do we know that's timeless, spaceless and immaterial?


Unless you think that this all just happened by chance, and that nothing created something.

Here is a quick video talking about how time had to be created by a timeless Being:


Time Had to be Created By a Timeless God - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics


The term "The Big Bang" was actually first coined by Sir Fred Hoyle, although Hoyle said the phrase in a mocking tone. 

He, like much of the scientific community at the time, actually believed the universe was static and eternal, that it had always existed.

However, after Edwin Hubble discovered the red shift of stars and galaxies in 1929 (showing the universe was expanding), and after the discovery of cosmic background radiation (heat and light from the Big Bang explosion), the scientific consensus became that time, matter and space were truly created at a single point in time.


All this Big Bang and scientific talk might get a little complex, so here is a video that will break down some of the definitions we are going to be covering in this section:


In this next section, we will be going over cosmic background radiation and its significance.