14 - Science - Irreducible Complexities

December 20, 2020

14 - Science - Irreducible Complexities

Let's talk about something called, "irreducible complexities".  Dr. Michael Behe coined this term in his 1996 blockbuster book, Darwin's Black Box, and in it he points out that there are things in nature which can NOT be explained by Darwin's gradualistic explanation.

Darwin's Black Box - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics

This quick video explains a bit of what I am talking about:


Irreducible Complexity - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics


The video below goes into a bit more detail on one of the most amazing irreducible complexities, the "Bacterial Flagellum", and how it actually works.


Bacterial Flagellum - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics


So in this section, we have covered the difference between macroevolution and microevolution, the Cambrian Explosion, the so-called icons of evolution, the specified complexity of DNA, the watchmaker argument, and irreducible complexities.  

In this next section, we will delve into the fine-tuning of the universe, which in and of itself, is compelling enough evidence to stun even the most ardent evolutionary scientists.