15 - Science - Fine Tuning Argument

December 20, 2020

15 - Science - Fine Tuning Argument


In this section, we will be exploring some of the amazing evidence that keeps many Darwinian evolutionists up at night. 

The Anthropic Principle basically states that it seems like the universe was created specifically for us, as humans.  

There seems to be a "fine-tuning" in all the dials of the universe which make our planet, Earth, habitable for us to live in.


Here is a quick "definitions" video for some of the content we will be covering in this section:

I discussed, in the video above, the videos by Dr. William Lane Craig.  Here is a great one on Fine-Tuning that he put together that will more fully explain this concept:


William Lane Craig on Fine Tuning - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics


As you study these anthropic constants, the data is just astounding.

Here in one final quick video in this section, on the Teleological argument.

The Teleological Argument - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics
We will now switch sections and introduce the God-man Jesus of Nazareth, who in the Christ (Messiah).