Transgender Truth - What They Don't Want You To Know (2024)

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Transgender Truth - What They Don't Want You To Know (2024)

Most likely you are aware, by now, of people who identify as transgender (also known as trans people or transgender people), unless you've been living under a rock for the passed few years.

Recently, Lia Thomas (formerly William Thomas), who went from a ranking of #462 (as a male) to a ranking of #1 (now as a female), has caused much controversy in the conversation of whether trans women (who are biologically male) should be allowed to compete against biological women.

The debate is, of course, over whether the stereotypical male characteristics of height, muscle mass, weight, etc. create an unfair advantage for the trans woman (who used to be male). 

Celebrities like J.J. Totah (now Josie Totah (transgender girl)), Jazz Jennings and of course, Katelyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) have put this transgender topic on the map as they fight for "trans rights" (and "gender reassignment"), while conflicting viewpoints such as Abigail Shrier are oftentimes silenced.

Gender dysphoria is a REAL problem that people have, and has been being treated for many decades. 

We definitely need to be aware that people are suffering from this (someone who is transgender), and even sympathetic to their situation, but the way this is currently being carried out and forced down people's throats in today's political climate is NOT the answer.

Almost ALL of what we will be covering today has been taken from the book "When Harry Became Sally," by Ryan T. Anderson, who has worked for many years with the Heritage Foundation.

Ryan T. Anderson - Welcome to Truth

I cannot recommend this book enough!


I have made this blog for those who do not have the time to read a full book.  It is a condensed version of many of Anderson's points.

Whether someone is a trangender man (also known as a trans male) OR a transgender woman (also known as a trans woman or trans female), it is important that they are presented with the real science, not a political agenda.

Here is a Table of Contents of what we will be covering in this blog post.  Feel free to jump ahead if there is something specific that you were wishing to learn.


Table of Contents:

What is Gender Dysphoria?

Let's get into this - what is Gender Dysphoria?

The technical definition is the distress that may occur due to the incongruence between expressed gender and assigned gender.

Basically, gender dysphoria is when someone is distressed because they are biologically (or assigned) a boy, but they feel like they should be a girl, or vice versa. 

In his book (When Harry Became Sally), Anderson records that a discordant (conflicting) gender identity is SAID to represent who the person REALLY is, by contrast with their sex “assigned at birth”, and therefore any failure to accept and support a transgender identity amounts to bigotry.

This means that it is a psychological issue, but saying so will get you BANNED and ridiculed. 

Brain - Welcome to Truth

Many psychologists and psychiatrists think of gender dysphoria as being much like other kinds of dysphoria, or serious discomfort with one’s body, such as anorexia.

CNN - Welcome to Truth

A CNN report on the subject in 2016 said that gender identity and expression “can change every day or even every few hours..."

Politicians are seeking to change how our schools, businesses and houses of worship are set up all across the country, so people with gender dysphoria MUST represent a LARGE portion of the population, right?

Well, not so fast.

One study says that somewhere around 0.6% of adults in the U.S. identify as a different gender than their biological sex, and many other studies show numbers much much lower (as small as 0.0033% according to a study Anderson lists on pg. 94 of his book).

Gender statistics - Welcome to Truth

Bottom line is, it is extremely rare.

The challenge for transgender activists is to present an argument for why transgender BELIEFS determine reality.

This is a key topic in this whole debate: 

Is our gender identity biologically determined and immutable, or self-created and changeable?

If our gender identity is biologically determined, how do we account for people whose gender identity changes over time?

If our gender identity is self-created, why must other people accept it as reality?

Gender questions - Welcome to Truth


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Feeling Something Does Not Make It So

Sad Face - Welcome to Truth

Anderson explains that the challenge for activists is to explain why a person’s “real” SEX is determined by an inner gender identity, but AGE and HEIGHT and RACE and SPECIES are not determined by an inner sense of identity. 

Gender Questions - Welcome to Truth

A transgender activist could reply that an “identity” is, by definition, just an inner sense of self.

But if that’s the case, gender identity is merely a disclosure of how one feels.

Transgender activists claim that a person’s self-professed “gender identity" IS that person’s “sex”.

Explain why the mere feeling of being male or female (or both or neither) makes someone male or female (or both or neither).

The challenge for transgender activists is to present an argument for why transgender beliefs undermine reality (biological sex).

Girl walks away - Welcome to Truth


Some Reasons Children Have Gender Dysphoria

Dr. Kenneth Zucker (pictured below) is a psychologist who ran the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CMH) in Toronto for three decades and directed its Gender Identity Clinic (GIC).

Dr. Kenneth Zucker - Welcome to Truth

Anderson notes that Zucker is perhaps the most frequently cited name in research on gender identity and the editor of the journal "Archives for Sexual Behavior."

Now, one question many people have (if gender dysphoria is not present at birth) is the reason behind people developing gender dysphoria over time.

There is much still to be researched and understood, but Zucker found some very interesting consistencies about many of his patients.

One of Zucker’s students found that about 75% of young boys with gender identity disorder had “an insecure attachment relationship to the mother.” 

There are also other reasons children may develop gender dysphoria that have to do with the parents, and them not loving their children for various reasons, which causes their children to dissociate from their current identities as a form of escapism.

For example, in one family from Zucker's studies, a father needed help in dealing with “rage toward his child.”  

So the child sees rage from his father, and doesn't want anything to do with the idea of being a male, and so looks for relief in another gender.

Anderson notes that in another family, the mother had been date-raped, and she admitted that she hated men as a consequence, and that she “wanted little to do with her son.”

So how did the transgender activists react to Zucker's medical perspective and analysis?

Well, he was attacked by activists, and then the Canadian government shut down his clinic.

That's what you get for questioning the status quo.

You can find more of Zucker's research at:



Christian Board Game - Welcome to Truth (Christian Board Games)

How They Want To Medically Treat Gender Dysphoria

Transgender medicine is a 4-step treatment process of social transition, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery.

Transgender activists argue that children should start social transition in kindergarten, puberty blockers at 9, cross-sex hormones at 16, and surgery at 18.

Gender questions - Welcome to Truth
Child - Welcome to Truth

Lobbyists assert that puberty blockers are safe and reversible, but in fact these drugs carry long-term health risks.

If puberty blockers are given at a young age, normal development halts. Starting this developmental process at a later age, say 16, will negatively affect normal development, as this development usually happens at age 10.

Basically, development occurring at age 16 that usually happens around age 10 is not normal.

This treatment begins with supporting social transition (helping the person live as if they were already the opposite sex) and eventually it involves transforming the body to make it look like the opposite sex, in an attempt to conform the body to the mind. 


They Want To Keep Parents in The Dark

Parents in the Dark - Welcome to Truth

These medications, they claim, “act as a pause button and give the youth an opportunity to explore their gender identity without the distress of developing the permanent, unwanted physical characteristics of their assigned sex at birth.” 

Then a treatment plan can be worked out, which may include “cross-sex hormones to induce a puberty that is consistent with their gender identity.”

But Anderson brings up the obvious question, "What if the family doesn’t want to go along with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones?"

Activists suggest that Child Protective Services might then intervene, on the grounds that the home is a “toxic environment” for the child.

Their child may be taken away from them, and the parents will be told it’s the only way to prevent the child from committing suicide.

Parents and their children's gender - Welcome to Truth

Parents are told that if they don’t put their child on puberty blockers they will be rejecting the truth about their child – thus rejecting their child - and will make future transition procedures more difficult.

Again, they claim the child will be more likely to commit suicide.

This, though, is false. "Transitioning" treatment has not been shown to reduce the extraordinarily high rate of suicide attempts among people who identify as transgender. People who have had transition surgery are 19x more likely than average to die by suicide.


They Are Coming After Our Children

Children - Welcome to Truth

Children (apparently) develop a gender identity between the ages of 2 and 4, “and very young ‘transgender’ children are often insistent and persistent about their gender, differentiating their behavior from a ‘phase’ or imaginative play. 

Activists claim, “The meaning of a child’s gender identity assertion at a younger age is no less valid then the meaning of a gender identity assertion of an older child.”

Wow, so the things children are feeling are ALWAYS in line with reality? Really?

Anyone with children would understand the absurdity of this claim. 

Anderson says, "On what other subject is the assertion of a two-year-old 'no less valid' than that of an older child or an adult?"


The good news is that there are effective therapies to help children with gender dysphoria feel comfortable in their (biological) bodies.

The bad news is that if you even mention these other therapies, you are castigated as a horrible human being, similar to Adolf Hitler.

A child might display social traits or behaviors more typical of the other sex yet not identify as the opposite gender (the classic Tomboy scenario comes to mind).  

Here are the facts: 80 to 95% of such children do not persist in a transgender identity, if not pressured to begin the process of transitioning. They will come to identify with their biological bodily sex if natural development is allowed to proceed. 


Homosexuality and the Bible - What God's Word Actually Says - Welcome to Truth

Let's get back to some of the biggest concerns with the Transgender movement.

Field Trips Now Become Dangerous

School bus - Welcome to Truth

Concerning overnight field trips, a “school has an obligation to maintain the (transgender) students’ privacy and cannot disclose or require disclosure of the student’s transgender status to the other students or their parents.” 

This means that girls will have no advance notice that a boy who identifies as a girl, but has all the standard male body parts will be undressing in their locker room or shower, or spending the night in their hotel room.


Gender questions - Welcome to Truth


Wow, no one else sees a problem with that?

Gender Neutral Bathrooms - Welcome to Truth

Activists rail that, “Transgender students should never be forced to use a separate single-stall facility," and school guidelines back this up.

Instead, everyone else must conform to transgender preferences and policies.

Transgender activists also believe that schools should conceal from parents who do not embrace transgender ideology the fact that their child is identifying as transgender.

Oh how honest and supportive.

Gender identity access policies will make girls more vulnerable to sex crimes and very possibly more reluctant to report them.


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Crimes Committed Under New Transgender Policies

Predator - Welcome to Truth

On pg. 188 of "When Harry Became Sally," Anderson highlights some of the crimes (up to that point in 2018) that had already been committed regarding these gender policies.

I will list some of them here:

In Toronto, a man posing as a transgender woman ("Jessica") sexually assaulted and criminally harassed four women - including a deaf woman and a survivor of domestic violence - at two women's shelters.

Previously, he had preyed on other women and girls ranging in age from 5 to 53.

This was reported by Sam Pazzano, in the "Toronto Sun" with title "Predator Who Claimed to Be Transgender Declared Dangerous Offender," on February 26, 2014.

In Virginia, a man presented himself as a woman in a long wig and pink shirt to enter a women's restroom at a mall, where he took pictures of a 5-year-old girl and her mother.

Reported as, "Man Dressed as Woman Spies into Mall Bathroom Stall in Virginia, Police Say," NBC Washington, October 14, 2015.

In Seattle, a man used a woman's locker room at a public swimming pool to undress in front of young girls who were changing for swim practice.

When staff asked him to leave, the man said: "the law has changed and I have a right to be here."

Reported by Mariana Barillas, in the "Daily Signal", as "Man Allowed to Use Women's Locker Room at Swimming Pool Without Citing Gender Identity," February 23, 2016.

Girl Crying - Welcome to Truth

At the University of Toronto, two separate occurrences of voyeurism took place on campus after a policy of gender-neutral bathrooms was implemented.

In both cases, individuals used their phone cameras to film women showering.

These incidents prompted the university to revise its new policy.

Reported by Jessica Chin, of the "Huffington Post", as "University of Toronto Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Reduced After Voyeurism Reports," October 6, 2015.

In Everett, Washington, a man wearing a wig and a bra was arrested for entering the women's bathroom at Everett Community College.

The man admitted under police questioning that he was the suspect in an earlier reported incident, when he had gone into a girls' locker room to take a shower, for voyeuristic purposes.

Reported as, "Police: Man is bra and wig found in women's bathroom," by KOMO News, March 16, 2012.


Males and Females ARE Different

Men and Women are Different

Male and female bodies differ not only in their sex chromosomes (XX and XY) AND in their organization for reproduction, but ALSO, on average, in size, shape, bone length and density, fat distribution, musculature, and various organs including the brain.

males and females - Welcome to Truth

There are (on average) differences in the brains of males and females that tend to make a difference in how men and women experience emotion and pain, how they see and hear, and how they remember and navigate.

The best research protocols now require that both males and females be included in samples, and that the sex of participants be tracked so that any sex specific results can be recorded.

There are also diseases and ailments that, on average, attack one gender more than the other.

“Examples of male-biased conditions include autism, attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, specific language impairment, Tourette syndrome, and dyslexia and examples of female-based conditions include depression, anxiety disorder, and anorexia nervosa.”

This is not to say that these are exclusively male or female conditions, but that one sex or another experiences them with greater frequency.


Separating the Lies From the Facts

Parents - Welcome to Truth

Parents are being LIED to daily today.

Parents are told that puberty blockers and cross sex hormones may be the only way to prevent their children from committing suicide. 

However, the vast majority of children with gender dysphoria will grow out of it naturally.

Again, between 80% and 95% of children who express a discordant gender identity will come to identify with their bodily sex if natural development is allowed to proceed.

Gender facts - Welcome to Truth

Here is a video of Rand Paul (who is a senator but was also a medical doctor) questioning HHS nominee Rachel Levine on transgender medicine.

Again, “Transitioning” treatment has not been shown to reduce the extraordinarily high rate of suicide attempts among people who identify as transgender (41% compared with 4.6% of general population).

People who have had transition surgery are 19 times more likely than average to die by suicide.

But these are the statistics that transgender activists don't want you to know about.

Contrary to the claims of activists, sex is NOT “assigned at birth.” 

It’s a bodily fact that can be recognized well before birth with ultrasound imaging.

The evidence is so crystal clear which is why it seems OUTRAGEOUS that our politicians are allowing these unscientific claims to change our laws and school systems.

What about all the girls who compete in athletics? 

These girls now find themselves having to compete with and against boys. These two groups (biological girls and biological boys) are BOTH now competing for scholarships meant for girls. Girls would have rightfully earned these scholarships, but the scholarships are now going to boys (who identify as girls), who have a biological advantage over them.

What about women's rights? Hello, feminists? Where are you now?

Here's another video of Rand Paul seeking to address this very issue with Education secretary nominee Miguel Cardona, appearing for a confirmation hearing.


The Transgender Movement Is Full of Contradictions

Right and Wrong - Welcome to Truth

The transgender movement promotes radical subjectivity in which individuals should be free to do whatever they wish and to define the truth as they choose, yet it calls for enforced conformity of belief in transgender dogma.

Gender facts - Welcome to Truth

At the heart of the transgender moment…people are what they claim to be regardless of contrary evidence.

If “individuals experiencing gender dysphoria are, in essence, psychologically in the ‘wrong body’ and suffer emotional stress as a result”…what they are experiencing is a “psychological" condition.

Activists say that gender is purely a social construct, while asserting that a person can be “trapped” in the wrong body. 

They say there are no meaningful differences between a man and woman, yet they rely on identity sex stereotypes to argue that “gender identity” is real while human embodiment is not.”

Think about this for a moment. They are advocating two opposing ideas:

1. There is no such thing as gender. It is made up by society. 


2. There is such thing as gender. It is determined by whatever I feel. 

So is there such thing as gender or not? If there is, then you can't change genders when your mind changes. If there is not, then how can a transgender person say that they REALLY ARE a certain gender on the inside (if gender doesn't even exist)?

Gender Identity - Welcome to Truth

Activists claim that truth is whatever a person says it is, yet they believe there’s a real self to be discovered inside that person.

They promote a radical expressive individualism in which people are free to do whatever they want and define the truth however they wish, yet they try to enforce acceptance of transgender ideology in a paternalistic way. 

Why do our feelings determine reality on the question of sex, but on little else?

Our feelings don’t determine our age or height or race.

What about people who identify as animals (trans-species), or able-bodied people who identify as disabled (trans-abled)? What about people who identify as another race (trans-racial)?

There are people out there who definitely feel this way.

Do all of these self-professed identities determine reality? Why not?

And should these people receive medical treatment to transform their bodies to accord with their minds?


The Biggest Concerns Of This Movement

Anderson identifies 5 distinct areas of concern surrounding these transgender policies:

1. Privacy interests when men who identify as women can enter female-only spaces.

2. Safety concerns when predators abuse gender-identity access policies.

3. Equality concerns when biological males can compete against females in sports and other areas where sex differences are relevant. 

Cross - Welcome to Truth

4. Liberty interests when people are forced to speak or act in ways contrary to their best judgment and deeply held beliefs.

5. Ideology concerns about confusing messages that schoolchildren receive when they are taught that gender is fluid, falls along a spectrum, and is essentially detached from bodily sex.


Doctors Who Offer Other Options Have Been Targeted As Bigots

In addition to Dr. Zucker (mentioned above), Anderson also highlights the great work of Dr. Paul McHugh (pictured below) of the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.

Paul McHugh - Welcome to Truth

McHugh was also psychiatrist-in-chief at the Johns Hopkins Hospital for 25 years.

McHugh has published a massive amount of research and papers on the topic of gender dysphoria, and has encouraged doctors to seek to understand some of the psychological issues that may be contributing to their gender dysphoria, instead of immediately rushing to cross-sex hormones or surgical procedures.

Doesn't seem like such a bad idea, right?

Well he has paid quite the consequence for his views, as transgender activists have sought to silence him and his research.

Here is Dr. McHugh's bio page if you would like to read more of his research:

Dr. Zucker and Dr. McHugh are just two of many physicians who come up against massive resistance, lawsuits and other issues, merely for wanting to exercise other possibilities.

You will remember that Zucker was even shut down for his research.

Jesse Singal, a writer who would definitely be considered "trans-friendly" even commented in New York magazine about Zucker's firing.

Singal said that the professional psychiatrists who conducted an external review of Dr. Zucker (pictured below) were “concerned that it’s harmful or improper to help patients in a mental-health clinic understand why they are the way they are.” 

If this concern were to be generalized across the field, it would render ANY medical health work harmful and improper.

Dr. Kenneth Zucker - Welcome to Truth

Anderson notes that Dr. Zucker’s offense was to approach gender dysphoria in the same way as other psychological symptoms, such as anxiety or depression, trying first to understand the causes and then to resolve the underlying problems. 


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You Can Be Fined or Jailed For Not Complying With These New Radical Rules

Jail - Welcome to Truth

In his book ("When Harry Became Sally"), Anderson notes that in New York City (at the time of writing), you can now be fined up to a quarter million dollars for intentionally “misgendering someone" by using pronouns other than those the person prefers

And in Oct. 2017, the governor of California signed a new law that could send health-care workers to jail for failing to use a person’s chosen pronouns.

Anderson explains that existing and proposed gender identity laws are not intended simply to allow people who identify as transgender to engage in certain actions themselves. These gender identity laws are also designed to compel others to endorse and support those actions.

It is one thing for the government to allow or even endorse conduct that many citizens consider immoral, but quite another thing for the government to force others to condone and facilitate such conduct in violation of their convictions.



If you would like more information on this topic, I again recommend that you check out Ryan T. Anderson's book, "When Harry Became Sally", which will give you a full picture on the topic.


Ryan T. Anderson - Welcome to Truth

As Anderson notes, doctors have no reliable way of knowing whether a particular child is among the 5 to 20% who will persist in transgender identification into adulthood or among the 80 to 95% who will eventually come to identify with their bodies if they aren’t socially and medically encouraged to maintain a transgender identity.

Should we really be ramming through legislation for something that affects around 0.6% of the population?

Should we begin putting 2-to-4-year-olds through a process that includes social transition, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery?

No! We cannot allow legislation to pass that will ultimately mutilate children.

Allowing children to make life-changing decisions is preposterous. Let's be rational. Err on the side of caution.

If the vast majority of children that have gender dysphoria grow out of it, don't ruin the child's mind with social transitioning and their body with puberty blockers, sex hormones, and surgery. 

We need to arm ourselves with this knowledge so we can talk to our friends, coworkers and family about this all-important topic.

As a final note, we at Welcome to Truth would like to emphasize this:

People who have gender dysphoria are people made in the image of God. They are people who Christ died for on the cross and they are loved by God. Just like everyone else, their sin separates them from God - but don't forget the GOOD NEWS!!

The Gospel given to us says that Jesus came to reconcile ALL people to God. People who are involved in the transgender community need salvation just like everyone else. Jesus came for them. He did not come for the righteous, but for the sinner.

Pray for this community, that the eyes of their heart may be enlightened to the hope of their calling. Their minds can be renewed by the Holy Spirit and they can be new creations in Christ Jesus. The old can pass away and all things can become new. 

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Now we'd love to turn it over to you.  
Which transgender fact did you find most compelling?
Was it the fact that 80 to 95% will eventually come to identify with their bodies, or that they are starting these processes with children who are 2 to 4 years old?
Let us know in the comments section below! 

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This artical is filled with misinformation kill yourself


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Ann Marie, sorry for the late response, I just saw this…you are absolutely right, it can be very scary, that’s why we started this website, and why we put out our Christian evidence board game, do our videos, etc. We want to see our nation be changed for Jesus! If Christians get this information, it WILL change our nation. Amen.

Ann Marie McKenna
Ann Marie McKenna

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Hallelujah! Amen to all of that absolute truth…if only the people in charge would wake up and smell the coffee and see what is happening to this world as a result of these deluded individuals from the ’It’s All About Me Brigade’, trying to rewrite history and change the basic facts of life in order to suit their own warped, selfish, misguided cause! The lunatics are now running the asylum and the damage it is going to do to our children and adults of tomorrow is going to be disastrous to say the least. I truly fear for my children and grand children when I’m gone!

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