Critical Race Theory Truth Card

We have much more to say about this in our blog post, "CRT - A Critically Racist Theory?"

3 Most Important Things to Focus On

1.  Defining what the word Critical Race Theory Means and where it comes from.

2.  They are redefining the words RACIST and WHITE SUPREMACIST.

3.  The Gospel contradicts CRT.


1.  WHERE CRT COMES FROM - Critical Race Theory comes out of Critical Theory, which comes from Marxism (ideology of class warfare (one group is oppressed and the other is the oppressor)).  

In the social sciences, the word "Critical" is "geared toward identifying and exposing problems in order to facilitate revolutionary political change."

The word "Theory", when treated as a proper noun (capitalized) is an appropriate catch-all term for the thinking behind Critical Social Justice.

The word "Critical" implies a revolution to overthrow the government (or powers that be) and the word "Theory" implies that our society is basically inherently "unequal" and we need to overthrow it.

2.  THEY CHANGED RACISM AND WHITE SUPREMACIST DEFINITIONS -   According to the new definition of racism and white supremacy, pretty much ALL white people (especially white men) are guilty of racism and white supremacy whether or not they ever had a racist thought in their mind.

It doesn't matter if YOU, as a white person, are racist, it matters that YOU as a white person are PART OF A SYSTEM which gives you a privilege that makes you superior in some way.

3.  THE GOSPEL CONTRADICTS CRT -   According to the Gospel, we are ALL human beings made in the image of a holy, loving, and just God.  According to Critical Theory (CT), our identity is not found in who we are created to be, but in how we relate with other groups as defined by our class, gender, sexual preference, etc.

According to Christianity, sin against a holy God is what's wrong with the world.  According to CT, oppression is what's wrong with the world.

According to historic Christianity, the sin problem is fixed by Jesus taking the punishment for our sins upon Himself, dying the death we deserve, so could be reconciled to God.

According to CT, the problem of oppression is fixed by activism, raised awareness, and an overthrow of oppressive systems and their power. 

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