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We have much more to say about this in our blog posts, "21 Greatest Old Testament Biblical Archaeology Discoveries Ever" and "17 Greatest New Testament Biblical Archaeology Discoveries Ever".

3 Most Important Points to Focus On

1.  MASSIVE ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE - There are dozens (and far more even) of archaeological finds that support the claims in the Bible.

2.  CHRISTIAN CENTRAL CLAIM SUPPORTED BY ARCHAEOLOGY - The central claim of Christianity is Jesus on a cross being crucified and then rising from the dead.

Jesus crucified on a cross in the 1st century AD is an historical fact that can be traced back both historically and archaeologically.  

Jesus rising from the dead is the best conclusion, considering the evidence.

3.  IS ANY OTHER RELIGION SUPPORTED THIS WAY BY ARCHAEOLOGY? - what other religion (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) do we know where the people, places, and events recorded in their holy scriptures can actually be corroborated archaeologically with a precise degree of accuracy?

Christianity stands alone. 

Now it should be noted that archaeological finds that support the Bible DO NOT prove the Bible is true, but they DO give you good evidence to trust that if the authors of the Bible were right about the people, places and events that occurred, we cannot discount them as merely legend, and should look at them further to verify these OTHER claims as well.

Best Old Testament Archaeological Discoveries

Archaeology has confirmed ancient inscriptions which support the biblical stories of Jericho, The Prophet Balaam, King David's Palace and some of the conquests of ancient Israel.

We have a list here in our blog "21 Greatest Old Testament Biblical Archaeology Discoveries Ever".

Best New Testament Archaeological Discoveries

Dr. Norman Geisler and Dr. Frank Turek write in their book "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist" how archaeology has confirmed over 80 historically claimed details from the Gospel of Luke, and around 60 historical and/or archaeological details from the Gospel of John. (pgs. 260 and 266-268)

Also, there are at least 30 characters in the New Testament who have been confirmed as historical by archaeology and non-Christian sources. 

Some of these individuals that archaeology has confirmed include Pontius Pilate, Quirinnius, Herod the King, Caiaphas, and many others.

We have a list here in our blog "17 Greatest Old Testament Biblical Archaeology Discoveries Ever".

Resources For Further Study

In addition to the blog posts mentioned above, you can check out these books under the "Archaeology" tab on our Book List.


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