Abortion Truth Card

Most Important Question to Focus On:

Is the unborn baby a person? (We have much more to say about this in our blog post, "20 Best Pro-Life Arguments That Destroy Pro-Choice Arguments").

AGAIN, what is the unborn baby's PERSONHOOD STATUS?

Because if the unborn baby IS a person (again, we go over the reasons in our BLOG here), they deserve the full protection of their life as a person.

Quick Answers to 8 Common Objections:

1. My Body My Choice

Good responses:

1.  What are you choosing to do? Murder a baby?  No, you don't have the right to do that?

2.  Can women do whatever they want with their bodies?  Can women flail their arms around ad hit other people with them?

There are already laws on the books that prohibit how women use their bodies, like prostitution and suicide.  Are these laws all wrong too?

3.  The baby's body is NOT your body.  It is a separate human being.  If it is YOUR body, then that means that when you are pregnant, YOU have 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 heads, etc.  No, it is not YOUR body, there is a separate body in there.

2. Rape and Incest

Good responses:

1.  Less than 1% of abortions are performed to terminate a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest.  Hypothetically, if we did allow abortions in these cases (which we shouldn't) would you allow the rest of abortions to be outlawed (they will not allow this, which means that their original objection to rape and incest was not a real objection but just a distraction).

Proving an EXCEPTION (even if granted) does NOT prove a general rule.

2.  (Trot out the toddler (talked about BELOW)) Is it OK to murder a 2-year-old who was the result of rape or incest, if they are starting to get on your nerves?


3. Men Should Not Have An Opinion On This

Good response:

Then woman should not have an opinion on circumcision, or pedophilia.


4. Women Would Die From Back-Alley Abortions If You Made Abortions Legal

Good Responses:

1.  Sometimes when robbing a bank, a thief might get hurt.  Should we legalize robbery so that thieves don't get hurt?  Sometimes when committing murder, the murderer gets shot or hurt in some way.  Should we legalize murder, so that murderers don't sometimes get harmed in the process?  Of course not!

2.  Also, this question assumes the unborn baby is NOT a person.  If they ARE a person (which they are), then who cares about the location of their murder?  Whether it is in a back alley, or right in front of the white house, their murder is still wrong.


5. Unborn Babies Who Have Disabilities Should Be Aborted Because They Will Have Bad Lives

Good responses:

1.  This question ASSUMES that people with disabilities ALL have bad lives.  Should we just go and kill all the disabled people of the world then?  Of course not.

2.  The question is not whether a particular unborn entity is physically or mentally handicapped, but whether it is fully human and deserving of all rights of a human.


6. Unwanted Babies Should Be Aborted

Good responses:

1.  You are assuming that children who start off UNWANTED will remain that way throughout the child's life.

2.  More importantly, you are assuming that because a child grows up unwanted, they would be better off dead.  Many unwanted children end up having extremely fulfilling lives.

3.  (Trot Out the Toddler) Is it OK to murder a 2-year-old, who the parents decide they don't want anymore?


7. I Am Personally Against Abortion, But I Don't Object To a Woman's Right To Get One

Good responses:

1. Why are you personally against abortion?

If you believe it kills an innocent human being, why are you okay with other people killing innocent human beings?

2.  If someone was killing their 2-year-old on their front lawn, would you object, or call for help?  I hope so.  What's the difference?  Murder is wrong regardless.


8. Pro-Life Advocates Are Trying to Force Their Religion Or Moral Beliefs On Others

Good responses:

1.  Do you think it's wrong to force your morality on others?  Then why are YOU trying to force YOUR morality (of PRO-CHOICE) on pro-lifers?

2.  Laws against drunk driving, murder, smoking crack, and child molestation are all examples of laws with the intent to impose a particular moral perspective on the free moral agency of others.

3.  If the unborn IS fully human, a woman receiving an abortion is imposing her morality upon another (the unborn baby).

'Trotting Out the Toddler' Argument

Most PRO-CHOICE abortion questions can be overcome by replacing the unborn baby with a 2-year-old and playing out the question again. 

However you must first establish that the unborn IS a person.

For instance, the PRO-CHOICE supporter says,"What about in cases of rape or incest?"

You respond by 'trotting out the toddler' (which means bringing out the toddler).

Your response should be, "If someone has a 2-year-old who was a consequence of rape or incest, should the mother be able to murder the 2-year-old if she is getting on the mother's nerves?"

If it's not OK to murder the 2-year-old baby (who is a developing human), then why the only-smaller unborn baby (who is also a developing human).

Or the PRO-CHOICE advocate says, "We should abort the baby for the very POOR mother who cannot properly take care of the baby."

You respond by trotting out the toddler.

Your response should be, "Is it OK to murder a 2-year old who has poor parents, if they are coming on some really hard times?"

Of course the answer is NO.  Then, if not the 2-year-old developing person, why the unborn person.

You get the point.  You can use this response for many of the objections by PRO-CHOICE advocates. 


Resources For Further Study


Check out the book "Politically Correct Death" under the "Abortion" tab on our Book List.

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