19 - Jesus - So-Called Resurrection Alternatives

December 20, 2020

19 - Jesus - So-Called Resurrection Alternatives

Resurrection Alternative 1 - Hypnosis Theory

Maybe Jesus just hypnotized the disciples into thinking they had seen the risen Lord.

The problem with this theory is that Jesus didn't just show up to one person at a time.  

He showed up to all the disciples at once, and hypnosis doesn't work in group settings, for people all have different experiences.

Plus, He showed up to over 500 people at once, again eliminating hypnosis as a viable option.

This video below explains this a bit.

Resurrection Alternative 2 - Swoon Theory

Maybe Jesus never really died on the cross.  Maybe He just swooned, or fainted, and so they took Him off the cross, and then He got up from the tomb, still alive.

The problem with this theory, firstly, is Jesus' flogging.  Jesus was whipped and bloody.  Before I proceed, watch this quick video on the whip used to flog Jesus.

Have you ever gotten a cut on the bottom of your foot?  How does it feel to walk even a few steps on that foot?

Well let's play this out just for fun though.  So Swoon Theory says that Jesus was beaten and bleeding from his shoulders, down his back, passed his buttocks, and onto his thighs, and is laying there in a tomb for multiple days, without food or water.

Then somehow, He manages to get up, walk over to the 2-ton stone door, roll that away, still bleeding, walk out the door, fight off the Roman guards keeping watch, whose lives depended on them keeping watch, then walk miles to where His disciples were, and appear to them, and say, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, follow Me."

Can you imagine the disciples thinking to themselves, as He is bleeding all over the ground, "Wow, I really want that sort of resurrected body as well."

No, they would have said, "Get this guy a doctor!"

Here is a quick video which explains this absurdity.

Ok so let's move to the third alternative people like to try and propose, instead of the resurrection.

Resurrection Alternative 3 - The Disciples Stole the Body

Maybe the disciples just stole the body, and told everyone that He rose from the dead. 

The problem with this theory is that the disciples would not die for a lie.  Would you?

If you knew something was a lie (something that you made up), and someone was about to kill you for it, would you stick to your lie?

Doubtful.  Additionally, this doesn't explain the conversions of St. Paul, and James the brother of Jesus (who did not believe in Jesus as the Son of God until after He rose from the dead).

Here is a quick video that discusses this point.

If you want an excellent resource on who Jesus (the Son of God) was, both in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament, I highly recommend you check out the book, Putting Jesus in His Place, by Rob Bowman Jr., and J Ed Komoszewski.

Putting Jesus in His Place - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics
Now that we have talking extensively about Jesus, let's get into the New Testament and how we know we can trust it as reliable.