10 - Science - Problems with Evolution

December 20, 2020

10 - Science - Problems with Evolution

Problems with Darwinian Evolution

OK, so what do I mean problems with Darwinian Evolution? I mean, the majority of the scientific community vouches for this theory.

Well before I get into Darwinian Evolution, I need to define some key terms we are going to be going over.  Who is Charles Darwin?  What does evolution mean?  What is natural selection?  We will answer all these questions and more in this section's definitions video:


Who is Charles Darwin - Ultimate Guide to Christian Apologetics


This science portion does have quite a few technical terms that it is important for you to familiarize yourself with as we dig further.

Now that you are a bit familiar with Charles Darwin, Darwinian evolution, and natural selection, I just have one more "definitions" video I would like you to watch that will help you better understand the upcoming science lessons.  

So check it out:

Ok, now that you are up to speed on some of the key definitions you are going to need to be familiar with, let's proceed.

Macroevolution vs. Microevolution

When dealing with evolution, there is a key distinction that needs to be made at the outset, and that is between macroevolution and microevolution

The reason this distinction needs to be made is because Christians believe in one kind of evolution (microevolution) and dismiss the other (macroevolution).  


Because microevolution (like dog breeding (change within a species)) is proven and happens every day, while macroevolution (change outside of a species) is NOT scientific.  

Here is a quick video for further explanation:

Macroevolution vs Microevolution

This topic (macroevolution vs microevolution) is not something you want to just gloss over.  It is SUPER important.

Because Darwinian evolutionists (what they are teaching us in schools today) try to group them together all in one category called, "evolution".  And if you don't differentiate them, then someone will say you are STUPID for denying evolution because change within a species is scientifically proven.

But that is not what you are arguing against.  You, as a Christian, DO believe in microevolution (change within a species (dog-breeding)); it is macroevolution (change outside of a species (worms evolving into humans)) that we are arguing.

Again, they will try and tell you that there IS NO difference and that they both are under the same umbrella, but that is false.

In this next section, we will talk about the all-important Cambrian Explosion and great evidence that it shows.