17 - Jesus - Liar, Lord or Lunatic

December 20, 2020

17 - Jesus - Liar, Lord or Lunatic

Either Lord, Liar or Lunatic

20th century philosopher, C.S. Lewis popularized the notion that Jesus could only be one of three things, either Lord, liar or lunatic.

This is to combat those that try to say that Jesus was a good teacher.  Jesus didn't leave any room to just be a good teacher.  Why?

Because this Man was running around telling people He was God.  If there was someone downtown screaming out to everyone that they were God, they too would fit this description.

Either they are not God, and are greatly mistaken (lunatic), or they know they are not God and are lying (liar), or they are actually Lord, and we should bow down to them and worship them.  We would not call these people great teachers.  It is the same with Jesus.  Here is a quick video that talks a bit about this.

In this next section, we will get into the PROOF behind Jesus' life, death and resurrection.  Buckle up!