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"I wish I could memorize the Bible..." (cue genie) ***Your wish has been granted!*** Welcome to the Word of God - rapped.  Like in a candy bar?  Kind of, but maybe not as delicious.  Wrapped up in a rap song.  Straight scripture rapped over awesome piano, violin, choir and drum beat instrumentals.  As we know, the Bible is the Word of God, and we're called to hide His Word in our hearts that we might not sin against Him.  What easier way is there to memorize but in a song format?  Bam!  The Hip-Hop New Testament (we just have the Book of Matthew for now).  Get it and don't regret it.  Seriously. 
  • 28 songs for 28 chapters of Matthew
  • Each song contains different musical arrangements
  • Over 2 hours of continuous play
  • Songs were produced with pre-recorded live violin, piano and drums
  • All music mixed and mastered to the highest quality
  • Album officially releases on October 10, 2019