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Some people think Christians are stupid.  Why?  Because most people (including Christians) don't understand that there is an enormous amount of evidence backing Christianity. 
There are hundreds of Christian apologetics books (apologetics comes from the Greek work apologia, which means "to make a defense") that teach on specific evidences we have for the claims that the Bible makes. 
Unfortunately, your backpack isn't big enough to carry all this information around with you.  When you encounter a skeptic, you may only have enough time to say what your brain has already learned (nobody is going to stand there while you Google around, trying to find facts). 
Are you going to read hundreds of books and memorize the content?  That would be great [but ain't nobody got time fo dat]. 
Why not just memorize songs with this fantastic information woven into the lyrics? It's so easy to memorize a song.  It's a lot harder to memorize a book.  So just memorize a song.  Do it.  
SHORT DESCRIPTION: (If you hate reading so much that you can't stand to read the above paragraph)
Learn the evidence that proves Christianity is true, through music.
Album was written, produced, and recorded by Jonathan "Jük" Krotov.
  • Learn the most important Christian Apologetics concepts quickly
  • 13 different apologetics songs (spanning many different apologetics concepts)
  • Over an hour of continuous play
  • All music mixed and mastered to the highest quality
  • Album officially releases on Oct. 6, 2020

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